Are You Concerned about Looking Plastic Or Overdone?

Looking plastic or overdone is a common concern among individuals considering an in-office treatment for moderate to severe frown lines. Talk to your licensed, trained, healthcare professional. There are steps you can take to make you feel more comfortable. First, have a detailed discussion with your provider. You want to talk through every concern you have, until you feel comfortable.

Your healthcare provider, who is experienced in facial anatomy, can determine the right options for you. For example, the most widely used procedure for moderate to severe frown lines is neurotoxin injections, a class of prescription medication that has been shown to be effective in many studies. Ask for FDA-approved products, such as BOTOX® or XEOMIN®.

Bruising is one of the most common side effects. Unless prescribed by your physician, please stop taking ibuprofen, naproxen, aspirin, folic acid or fish oil supplements or alcohol 3 days prior to treatment. Inform your healthcare provider if you are on any anti-coagulation.

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